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Snoopy On Overcoming Creative Blocks


hibernating animalsSo, we’ve nearly come to February.  The shine of New Year’s Resolutions is wearing thin and the primal grizzly bear urge to hide on the couch under a blanket until Spring is going strong. I’ve been feeling it, too, and not for the first time!

What do we DO when we feel worn out, hopeless, and discouraged?

I shared some wisdom with my Inner Fire, Outer Light posse earlier this week and wanted to pass along the love to you as I know we’re not the only ones suffering from the urge to hibernate!  Let me know how it goes by sharing on the Facebook Page, won’t you?

It is tempting to enter the downward spiral of self-blame, TV, and chocolate, but there is another way.  Read on for practical and simple ways to move back into our joyous, creating selves even before the spring.
“Remember that keeping your SELF fueled and aflame is the most important thing.

“You cannot allow yourself to get overtired, underfed or to lose your sense of humor. If you do, the whole thing will fall apart.

“So even though it might seem backwards, you must rest MORE now, OK?”  -Samantha Bennett



The key here is micro-action, then celebration.  Nothing is too small.

1. Begin with the basics

Eat, sleep, exercise.  Don’t neglect any of these.  Again, micro-action.  If you’ve suddenly become a couch potato, don’t plan to run 5 miles a day.  Simply get out of the house a talk a short walk once a day to start.  Then, celebrate!

2. Celebrate every action

Find small ways to celebrate.  Post it on Facebook or email a friend.  Make yourself your favorite kind of tea.  Call a good friend.  Pet your cat or dog for a few minutes.  Say nice things to yourself.  Get a good hug.  Dance around the living room to your favorite song.

3.  Creative Diversion

If you want to lounge and watch TV, instead, try taking down the instrument or pen or needle and make something for 5 minutes.  I’m serious, just five minutes.  Play one song.  Write a stream-of-consciousness poem.  Stitch one seam.  Then, celebrate!

You may continue if you wish.

4.  Micro-burst of Action

If you’re working on the business end of your creative life, it may seem ideal to make a list of 30 potential clients, then pick up the phone and call all of them. Truth be told, you will mostly leave messages, so this might only take 60-90 minutes and if you can do it that way, bravo!

But, for the rest of us mortals, here’s another path.

Make one call.

That’s it.  Keep it simple.  Use a script and leave that voicemail.  Then, celebrate.

If you want to continue, go right ahead, but not before doing a little happy dance :).

I don’t say this to be silly, but because, just in order to pick up that phone in the first place, I want to acknowledge those of you who had to wriggle your way out of the straight-jacket of your fears, self-criticisms, external messages, and so much more.  Just to pick up that phone and dial (and then not hang up until you left a message) was a victory!  And, victories ought to be celebrated!

Plus, then you know you can do it again and that’s pretty helpful when your goal is to actually SHARE your creative gifts with a world hungry for them.

Ready to share your struggles and micro-celebrations in a Creative Community?

Ready for an advocate and guide for your creative work to finally produce the income, recognition, fans, and impact you’ve been longing after?

I have opened up a few spaces this week (they vanish February 1st!) to help you gain clarity, direction and connection to the resources you need to move your creative life forward.  Click here to claim yours today!

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9 Experts Help You Go From Starving Artist To Creative Rock Star


I’m so excited to officially announce and invite you to join us at:

Take Your Talent To The Bank:
From Starving Artist To Creative Rock Star
A [FREE] Virtual Conference
January 8th- 11th, 2013

Ready to escape the starving artist mentality (and reality) and get the recognition, fans, and income you deserve?  Thinking about making the leap from hobby to sharing your gifts in a bigger way?

Never fear having to “get a job” again!

Learn from NINE successful creatives (in all different areas of creativity) who have been where you are now and used their creativity to pull ahead of their peers to earn what they deserve, develop a loyal fanbase, plus get recognized as professionals. They will share their struggles, their secrets and their strategies with you!

Besides me, you’ll hear from:

An internationally touring performer, playwright, screenwriter & more

Patty Hankins Cover_small
A best-selling author & photographer

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An acclaimed children’s picture book author of nearly a dozen books

A top 5% earning actor with NY & LA careers

Melissa McFarlane
A multi-6-figure creative business coach & actor

A celebrated visionary fiber artist and painter, author, editor & more

One of the most sought after Marilyn Tribute artists in the world today


You are talented.  You’ve likely spent years in school and out honing your skills and developing your vision and voice.  So, why do you still have to work three jobs (or a mind-numbing corporate job) to make ends meet?

Where is the recognition, the income, and the sense of joy you expected?  Perhaps you haven’t yet taken the leap to try to earn income from your creative work, because everyone around you tells you it’s crazy, unrealistic and impossible.  Maybe you have and you’re starting to wonder if they were all right.

Are the inner gremlins gaining power?  You know the ones that tell you that it’s just that YOU aren’t good enough, talented enough, hard-working enough?  Are they keeping you from finishing your projects and sharing them with the world?  Have they got you applying to work in soul-sucking jobs, even though you swore you’d never go back?

I have been there and felt ALL of these things.  I worked in nonprofits, as a classroom teacher, and teaching creative skills independently.  Doing “what I should” exhausted me, literally made me sick, and destroyed my ability to have healthy relationships, because I was tired, bitter, resentful, and jealous of others.  I’ve worked SIX different jobs all at once, just to avoid “getting a job” and to continue doing my creative work.  I had never made above $30,000 and most years it was a lot less.  I got to be an expert at living (happily enough, I thought) on very little, scrimping, and finding a way to do things free or cheap.  Sound familiar?

All that changed when I made the leap to honor my creativity and believe in my abilities.  I began to treat my creative work as a business and got the mentoring I needed to learn how to run a business, built a creative community, and found a way to combine my talents, skills and loves.  Now, I’m in love (and engaged), have rich, rewarding friendships and relationships with family, have a thriving and fun creative business (and no boss!), am healthy, have produced two full-length albums with another in progress, and have toured nationally numerous times.

In short, life is good, really good and full of things that, just a few years ago, I thought I would NEVER be able to have.  Things like financial security, professional recognition, the most rewarding and energizing work I’ve ever done, plenty of time and energy for personal creative projects, love, family and stability.

And now, I help other creatives like you to do the same.


This is what we need more of for brilliant creatives like YOU!  That is why I am so excited to be hosting NINE creatives from visual, performing, writing and more creative areas who have soared over their peers and taken their talents to the bank!  They are generous, funny, brilliant (just like you), and willing to share what works and what doesn’t, the HOW of their journeys so you, too, can go from starving artist to creative rock star!

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All it takes is taking the time to learn from all these creatives who have already succeeded and are generously sharing what they’ve learned, so you, too, can move your creative dreams to done, and gain the money, meaning, and recognition you’ve worked so hard for all these years.  Take this small step towards a new life.

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Come Play Big! With Me!


This weekend, December 7-8, I’ll be in Los Angeles, California at:

Melissa McFarlane Presents: Play Big!  Cash-In Without Selling Out Your in Your Creative Business!

Won’t you join me?  Click here for the lowest rate possible and more information and let me know if you’re coming.  Melissa has been a huge help to me and I adore her kind and expert guidance.  Also, I’ll be on her success panel, so I’m excited to have you there, too!

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Are your creative dreams stuck in the womb or out changing the world?



Inner Fire, Outer Light will be offering a workshop on how to Bring Your Best Brilliant Ideas Into Reality at the Create Denver Expo on Saturday, May 12th!  We’ll see you there!

Colorado Convention Center (New Location!)
700 14th Street, Denver
Registration fee: $10

          Registration: http://bit.ly/CDWeek2012
          Website: www.denvergov.org/CreateDenver
          Facebook: www.facebook.com/CreateDenver

The Expo is a day-long event that provides creative individuals and business owners a “one-stop” opportunity to learn of various small business services and programs that can help stabilize their creative enterprises and plan for the future.

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Move Your Dream to Done


Whether you are an artist acting out in your life, because you won’t pay attention to your inner creativity or a business owner who has a book, CD, DVD, program or other project that would lift you into the speaking circuit or true business success, Dream to Done closes the gap between a good idea and a completed project that carries your gifts into the world and brings back real rewards.

  • What is the dream project/great idea you’ve had for months or years, but not yet finished?
  • Is it a creative project like a book, CD, DVD, website, performance, or program?
  • Would finishing this project make an enormous positive difference for you personally and/or financially?
  • Could it support all your other business goals, personal goals and/or organizational goals if only you could find a way to get it done?
  • Are you primarily responsible for it, without the staff and support to make it happen?
  • Does it always seem to get pushed to the back burner or fall off the bottom of your to-do list, even though you know it could make all the difference?
  • What if you could leap over the gap between your brilliant idea to a completed project that would share your gifts and voice with the world while growing your business, boosting your credibility, helping others and bringing you a ton of satisfaction?
  • What if you could take that dream and declare it done?
  • What if completing your dream became a gateway to a quantum leap shift and a lifetime of achievement?

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