Patricia Morrison
Dream To Done Facilitator

You know what I’m talking about.  That novel, that work of art, that album or creative project that’s been bouncing around in your head or maybe you’ve even begun.  Still, deep down, you know, your life won’t be complete if you let it stay hidden inside of you forever.  And, you’ll miss out on the chance to confirm your gifts and make the impact in the world you know you could.

It’s time to stop dabbling and start making a difference by finishing that creative project (or six) that always seem to get pushed to the back burner or fall off the bottom of your to-do list.  You know it’s a great idea and that it could make an important impact in the world.  Completing it (or them) would gain you the respect of being a real artist, a real professional and quiet that nagging critic who seems to want to sabotage your work.  Leaving it stuck in the creative womb for months or years is draining your energy and self-respect, but you just can’t seem to find the time, motivation or organization to finish it.  Besides, it always seems more fun to start something new.

Sound familiar?  I get it!  I’m a creative, too.  But leaving your voice silent, your work tucked away in your garage or studio doesn’t serve you or the world.  It keeps your hopes held hostage and your light hidden.  And, it doesn’t honor the real gifts you have to share.

Once I finally got the support and courage to lean into my own creative gifts and share them with the world by finishing my creative projects and offering them to others, I regained my energy, rediscovered my inspiration, rekindled my joy and gained respect from myself and others.  Now it is my privilege to help others do the same with the Dream To Done Program.

Find out more during a complementary creative project assessment and get your free recording of the Dream to Done Preview Call, with all the juicy content listed above.  Click here to get on my calendar.

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