Hello!  My name is Patricia Morrison.  I went from starving artist with a dream & nothing to show for myself to producing multiple CD’s, touring nationally and founding my business, Inner Fire, Outer Light.

I help creatives (musicians, artists, writers, crafters and more) who are overwhelmed, under-appreciated, and who have piles of unfinished projects to harness their creativity for income, impact, and an iridescent life.  Working with me my clients gain focus, energy, and confidence to turn their projects from dream to done so they can generously share their gifts with the world and reap personal rewards (like money, meaning and recognition) along the way.

“The Inner Fire, Outer Light program was a breath of fresh air in my over-booked life.  I found Patricia to be a skilled, creative, and thoughtful facilitator.  She is extremely supportive and encouraging, and at the same time, keeps participants focused on the steps needed to open space for creative projects and nurture them to fruition.  Patricia incorporates a variety of engaging, introspective, and fun activities into the program which helped me open a pathway for finding my creative voice, honoring it, and letting it shine.”  – Janet Scott

“Patricia has coached me through career challenges and life changes. She is extremely caring, clear, and insightful. Recently Patricia empowered me to make an important decision. It was like she gathered up all the energy of my stormy career issue (quite a tornado!); ran it through her colander of clarity, steady presence and wisdom; and showed me that what I really have in front of me is a nourishing buffet of good, clear options.”  -Alison

“I recently had the good fortune to stumble into a songwriting workshop that completely changed my life.  The way that Patricia Morrison facilitated was brilliant, asking the right questions while creating the right tone and space for us each to unravel the inner thread of creativity that I’d been searching for for so long.  I left feeling abundantly creative and fulfilled.”  -Anna
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